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I hearby claim.

I have claimed a few things and a few people on various communities. You can find them on my user information page. I am pretty sure that you can find who my most favorite person in the whole wide world. Yes. I can be obsessive at times. Do not mind me.

Sam Winchester's hair is all mine at claimsum1shair.
Paul Harris is my boyfriend. I married Clay Miller at epic_marriage.
Flashforward, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural and Wildfire at claima_show.
I am the Doctor Cara Roberts of LiveJournal. Jared Padalecki is all mine at soulmate_claims.
A Little Inside (re-released as Baseball and the Ballerina), A Ring of Endless Light (a 2OO2 tv movie)
Friday the 13th (the 2OO9 version), House of Wax (the 2OO5 version), The Christmas Cottage (the 2OO8 version) at
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